Celebrating 25 Years in the Coin Business

Alliance Coin & Banknote Open House, 30 November 2013Alliance Coin & Banknote will hold its annual open-house on November 30th, which will also mark my 25th anniversary in the coin business. In keeping with the “Silver” nature of the occasion, we will be presenting “A peek inside the Isaacs cabinet”, an all-Silver historical display of coins, medals and small antiquities from Ancient times to the present, most drawn from my personal collection of the past 30 years, but also supplemented with a few borrowed rarities. I have often been asked what makes me excited as a collector, and this is a rare chance to find out!

Continuing our fine “Coins & Strings” tradition, I am truly delighted to welcome RedOwl to our gallery, a very fine baroque duo out of Montreal whose Harpsichord and Violin union will have us transported back to the sound of the palaces and cathedrals of the 18th century.

For all of our customers who have lamented our bare cabinets of the past couple months, I announce that the drought is over as we will be unveiling substantial new inventory for our open-house. This includes almost a hundred new ICCS certified Canadian coins, more than 200 different “exotics” world coin sets, as well as hundreds of world singles including Ancient & Medieval.

A certain highlight of this new inventory will be an unveiling of the “Westmount 1870 Half”, one of the world’s finest surviving examples of Canada’s first Fifty Cent issue.

Please note we will be closed on the 30th prior to our open-house for preparation, and that doors will open at 3:45 pm. We look forward to the pleasure of your company!

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