September online auction with live auction component

It has been several weeks since our commercial lockdown ended, and things are once again hopping in the collectibles world as we begin to welcome customers back into our shops and galleries.

Toronto Coin Expo Session I Sale

For us, all efforts and planning are currently going into preparations for our largest ever online auction with a live auction component at the end of the event. We’re doing this as part of the Toronto Coin Expo Session I Sale, which will replace the Expo’s normal in-person auction this fall (Session II of the sale will be run by our auction partners Geoffrey Bell Auctions). This is now shaping up to be the most exciting event we have ever hosted. Thanks to some wonderful consignments, we now anticipate offering a sale of more than 700 lots of quality Canadian and world material.

Auction Highlights

Highlights include a complete set of Canadian Victorian Half Dollars, the most complete set of Silver Dollars we’ve ever handled (including a trio of scarce “J.O.P.” counterstamps), and on the world side, one of only six known examples of the rare Honduran gold Peso of 1889.

NEW! See a blog post with 4 awesome teasers from the upcoming auction.

How to Bid

  • Through icollector (at any point the sale is live until Sept 30th)
  • Through submission of advance bids directly to us (email, fax, telephone)
  • By telephone during the live portion of our sale, via a designated agent for us

Auction Details

Auction preview: Sept 19th, 2021 at the Ottawa Coin Show (9am – 3pm in Westboro)

Auction opening: The auction is now live on iCollector

Auction – live component and closing: 5pm, Sept 30th, 2021

Included in this auction is the Holy Grail of Twoonies – the “Beaded Twoonie”. Scroll down or click here for details!

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The Auction by Category

Artifacts & Collectibles

An Astounding Set of 17th Century Jeton Tokens in original Silver Box.

Group of 25 “English Monarchs” Silver Jetons by Simon de Passe of London, c.1620, in lovely Silver box adorned with portrait of King Charles I.

One of numerous diverse Artifacts & Collectibles to be offered!

Canadian Decimal

A very scarce 1870 “No LCW” Half Dollar in mid-grade

A very scarce 1870 “No LCW” Half Dollar in mid-grade

ICCS certified VF-20, and the strongest example we’ve handled in 30 years of this classic Victorian rarity.

One of more than 400 choice Canadian Decimal Coins in our sale, including a complete set of Victorian Half Dollars, and the finest set of Canadian Silver Dollars we’ve ever handled – with not one, but three scarce “J.O.P.” counter-stamped Dollars.

Medals & Tokens

1758 "Oswego Captured" Medal of French Canada

An Important 1758 “Oswego Captured” Medal of French Canada

The only French victory in North America to be depicted on a medal. PCGS certified XF Details, and the first example we’ve handled in our three decades in the coin business.

One of numerous diverse Medals & Tokens featured in our sale!

World Coins

A scarce and early English Sovereign

A Scarce and Early English Sovereign

Gold Sovereign 1818 of George III, PCGS AU Details, only the second year of issue for this classic British coin!

One of more than 100 interesting and diverse World Coins to be offered.

Canadian Banknotes

A Rare & Attractive “Queen Mary” Five Dollars of 1924

BCS certified VF-35.

One of more than a hundred diverse Dominion and Bank of Canada notes offered in our sale, together with excellent representation from the Chartered Banks and Provinces.

Error Coins

Canada 10 Cents 1994 struck through a Capped Die

A Nice Capped Ten Cent Error

Canada 10 Cents 1994 struck through a Capped Die, PCGS certified MS-63.

One of numerous Error Coins to be offered.

Maritime Coinage

A Choice Mint-State Newfoundland Half Dollar

A Choice Mint-State Newfoundland Half Dollar

50 Cents 1919C, ICCS MS-64.

Just one of more than fifty superior Newfoundland and Maritime coins to be offered!

World Banknotes

A Fabulous Autographed Note of the Honduran Central Bank

A Fabulous Autographed Note of the Honduran Central Bank

5 Lempiras 1950 in Choice Uncirculated, presented on the occasion of the Opening of the Central Bank of Honduras, and hand-signed by all top officers including Bank President and the Minister of Finance.

One of numerous World and United States Notes offered in our sale.

Auction Highlight: Holy Grail of Twoonies

Beaded Twoonie

Alliance Coin & Banknote is delighted to have received for consignment an example of the extremely rare 1996 “Beaded Twoonie” two dollar coin, with full ring of beads around circumference of both obverse and reverse. 

This mysterious issue has generated much debate over the years, with some deeming it a variety, while others view it as a possible trial strike. 

With only 4 examples certified by PCGS to date, we are thrilled to be offering this first example to ever hit the public auction block, where it is expected to see record bidding. 

Just one of several hundred diverse and choice lots in our Toronto Coin Expo Session I-Sale, tentatively to launch on on September 12th, with live internet auction starting at 5:00 pm, Thursday, September 30th.

The Beaded Twoonie is the holy grail of Canadian Twoonies
The “Beaded Twoonie”

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