Winter 2022 Catalogue now available!

With almost 1,700 individual items, representing more than 190 countries, this is once again the most comprehensive price-list Alliance Coin & Banknote has ever released.

I am delighted to present our annual Winter price-list, the result of many, many hours of sorting, processing and typing. One of the challenges of setting an increasingly high bar in any project is the inevitable reality of eventually failing to reach one’s goals and expectations. I hope you will agree this is not one of those occasions!

With nearly 1,700 items to peruse, I hope you will find something of interest! Please do order at your earliest possible convenience, as response will be immediate.

The very tragic state of our international brotherhood of nations notwithstanding, there are numerous signs that life in our immediate communities will indeed celebrate some normalcy as warmer weather eventually approaches. The return of trade-shows is upon us, the freedom to travel and visit loved ones near or far is beginning, and our own “Puppets Up” Festival is making a surprising return to Almonte this August after a hiatus of several years, much to the delight of fans both old and young.

Keep well, keep the faith, and to everyone I express the sincere gratitude of my family for your continued patronage.

Sean Isaacs

Click to download the Winter 2022 Catalogue
The cover of the Winter 2022 Catalogue

Catalogue Orders

Telephone: 613-256-6785
Toll-free: 888-592-4141

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