Boxing Week Blow-Out Sale 2022!

We are delighted to announce here – after much careful thought – the first holding of our famed Boxing Week Blow-Out sale since 2019, details to be found below. We invite all our local customers to come join us for this event, which will once again offer the deepest store-wide discounts in the coin business!

Door Crashers

2002 Queen Elizabeth Memorial Two Dollar Coins
Regular: $5.00 Just $3.00 (maximum two per customer)

Canada 1991 Quarters, super low-mintage, PCGS certified MS-64
Regular: $40+ Just $20. (one per customer)

Canada 1985 “Pointed 5” One Cent, PCGS certified MS-64
Regular: $50 Just $20. (one per customer)

Canada 2012 Mint Penny Roll, final year of issues
Regular: $5.00 Just $3. (two per customer)

Complete Set of George VI Pennies 1937-1952, with coin Folder
Regular: $11. Just $5. (one per customer)

Zimbabwe $100 Trillion Banknote!
Retail: $100+ Just $25. (limited quantities, one per person!)

England 2010 Girl Guides Centennial 50 Pence Coin Pack
Regular: $9.95 Just $2. (one per customer)

Canada Commemorative Silver Dollars (new price: $60) (one set per customer)

Side one of the Boxing Week Sale flyer
Side two of the boxing week sale flyer

2 thoughts on “Boxing Week Blow-Out Sale 2022!

    • With apologies, there simply is no effective way of providing details on our current inventory. I do know we are fairly light on Canadian paper (as is always the case), but hopefully we can find something for you!

      Regards, Sean Isaacs

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