1946 Cent Off Center

Sneak Peek from “Freaks & Errors” Display

We look forward very much to welcoming our local customers and friends this coming Sunday, December 1st, for some music and good cheer!

I am currently putting the final touches on our “Freaks & Errors” display, which will see the unveiling of at least a couple watershed errors that have remained completely unknown until our open-house.

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Coins & Strings Event to be held December 1st

We are delighted to announce plans for our 2019 Annual Open House to be held on Sunday December 1st. This will be the “Freaks & Errors” edition of our Coins & Strings event, and will  feature a fabulous display of exotic and rare coin errors. Many of these coins have never been seen in public, and the display will be an excellent cooperative effort between Alliance Coin and a number of our advanced collecting friends in the field.

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Coins & Strings 2018 Open House

Coins & Strings Open House marks a special anniversary

We are pleased to be putting the final details in place for our December 2nd Open House, which will coincide with my 30th anniversary of first entering the coin business as a keen-and-green collector, barely out of my teens.

Coin & Strings 2018 posterWe look forward to welcoming our local friends and customers to our gallery, where we will once again be hosting the traditional harp duo Acacia Lyra. We are very fortunate to be entrusted with an encore viewing of the “Melron Pennies”, one of the finest and rarest collections of Canadian Large Cents. Since the sets last public viewing six years ago, it has been upgraded with an exceptionally rare 1859 Brass striking, currently among the two most valuable Large Cents in existence. Do not miss the opportunity to see this remarkable display of Canadian copper numismatic heritage.

Our Open House will also see the culmination of our current “Final Round-up” Penny Drive, in support of the Almonte General Hospital’s campaign to bring a new CT Scanner to town. Many friends and local customers have been generous in their donations of pennies to the cause over these past few weeks, for which we extend our sincere thanks.

Lastly – to further thank our local collecting community for their support over these past 15 years in Almonte, we will be holding a Flash Sale during our three-hour Open House, and offering a 30% discount on virtually the entire store, with the sole exceptions of Silver/Gold bullion and 2018/19 dated Royal Canadian Mint products.

We look forward to welcoming you in out of the cold for some warm cheer, tasty refreshments, and great deals!

Canadian centennial dollar note

‘Coins & Strings’ Open House on November 4th

We look forward to welcoming one and all to our annual Open House:

Coins & Strings
Saturday, November 4th, 2017
3:00 to 6:00pm

Harpist Diana Marie

Note: we will be closed on Saturday until opening for our event at 3pm.

In addition to a performance by harpist Diana Marie (from 3:00 till 5:00), refreshments, and many new additions to inventory, we will also present a special display:

1967 Centennial Collection of Coins, Medals and related memorabilia

Hundred of new coins added to inventory and available for purchase!

We look forward to the pleasure of your company.


Our ‘Coins & Strings’ Open House

Coins & Strings 2015

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We look forward to welcoming one and all to our annual Winter Open House:

Coins & Strings
Saturday, November 21st
3:00 to 6:00pm
Note: we will be closed on Saturday until opening for our event at 3pm.

In addition to a performance by harpist Robin Best (from 3:00 till 5:00), refreshments, many new additions to inventory as well as a special Poppy/John McCrae Coin exchange – courtesy of our friends at the Royal Canadian Mint – we are pleased to be presenting the following three unique displays:

Canada’s Nickel Dollar

We are delighted to be unveiling the world’s #1-ranked collection of these predecessors to the “Loon” Dollar, issued in Canada from 1968 until 1987 and meticulously assembled by a local collector and specialist of the series.

A Tribute to Indonesia

As a nod to the Republic of Indonesia’s 70th anniversary of Independence this year, we present a survey of coins and artifacts from Sean’s personal collection, representing a rich numismatic heritage from pre-colonial times to the present.

Almonte on Reflection

From our growing corporate collection, an interesting display of postcards and memorabilia from Almonte’s 135-year history, highlighted by an exceptionally rare hand-written letter from a mystery figure in our past – never before seen on public display!

Please remember your pennies!
We are continuing our Penny Drive in support of the robust Almonte efforts to welcome a number of Syrian refugee families to our area. Please dig out any stray pennies remaining in your drawers, jars or toolboxes, and help us out in even the smallest way with our goal in this regard. We will have a guestbook on display that all are welcome to sign, with the intent of presenting it to a new settling family as a sincere gesture of welcome in the new year.