The next ebay sale is about to launch for AllianceCoin

The Return of Our “Weird & Wonderful” Sales!!

We are delighted to announce our next offering of interesting medals, tokens and related oddities on eBay, scheduled to launch at midnight this coming Sunday, October 14th.

Look us up under our eBay user name “Alliancecoin” or jump right in on our eBay auction page Alliance Coin.

Sean Isaacs
Our All Medals Weird & Wonderful Sale on ebay

Our Latest “Weird & Wonderful” Auction: The All-Medals Edition!

This Sunday evening at midnight, we will be launching our latest batch of “Weird & Wonderful” auction items on eBay.

This initial session will be comprised entirely of modern European medals, most from the estate of the distinguished Canadian diplomat Claude Charland, former Ambassador to Guatemala, Mexico, Italy, Libya and (finally) France.  Some of these pieces are quite remarkable in terms of theme and design – please take a look!

Further auction sessions will be launched throughout the next few weeks, promising our usual remarkable diversity and character – the hallmarks of our “Weird & Wonderful” philosophy!

How to take part

Starting Sunday, 21 January 2018 you can join on the fun at our eBay auction page Alliance Coin.

Sean Isaacs

Our Latest “Weird & Wonderful” Sale!

Tune in for the next installment of our almost-famous online eBay sales, launching at midnight Friday September 15th, 2017.

This offering of 100 lots features the interesting European medallic collection of a distinguished Canadian diplomat, as well as a delightful and important copy of “Anne of Green Gables”, autographed by Lucy Maude Montgomery!

Join in on the fun at our eBay auction page Alliance Coin.

Sean Isaacs

The Alliance Coin & Banknote “Weird & Wonderful” Sale on eBay

eBay logoWe are delighted to announce the launch of our once-per-year ebay auction sale, featuring some 150 lots of the coolest medals, tokens and related collectibles we’ve been stashing away since last winter.

The auction kicks off this weekend with a first batch of 50 lots, and will be followed by two more batches of 50 lots each as the month progresses. All three auctions will be active online for a ten-day period.

Just a quick look in our treasure chest hints at the remarkable diversity of this sale – not only historical medals and tokens, but also a solid Gold vintage thimble, fancy Masonic ceremonial apron, and WWII soldier’s pocket bible with forward by Franklin Roosevelt.

Join in on the fun, starting today, at our ebay auction page Alliance Coin.