Coins & Strings 2015 a pleasant evening for all

Coins & Strings 2015On Saturday November 21st, we celebrated our annual “Coins & Strings” open-house here in our Almonte gallery.

Perhaps 50 or so customers, friends and first-time visitors joined us for the three hour event, and enjoyed a delightful performance by the harpist Robin Best. On display were special exhibits honouring anniversaries for both Indonesia and Almonte, as well as the world’s finest collection of Canadian Nickel Dollars, courtesy of a local collector.

We appreciate all those were able to be with us for the event, and look forward to welcoming everyone back for the 2016 edition of Coins & Strings!

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A Singular Honour

InvestitureEarlier this spring, I had the great privilege of being welcomed into the fold of a fraternal brotherhood whose quiet yet important works I am honored to support.

In an ancient and venerable ceremony held before the “Great Window” of St. Bartholomew’s Church in Ottawa, I joined twenty-eight esteemed Canadians for investiture as Knights and Dames of the Order of St. George. Originally founded as a secular fraternal society by the King of Hungary in 1326, today’s Order contributes funding and support to wounded or fallen military personnel and their families. The Order is also responsible for funding a Junior Ranger program in Canada’s far north, providing continuity in the preservation of our territorial integrity.

After the humbling ceremony at St. Bartholomew’s, this most memorable of days concluded with a formal banquet hosted at the Chateau Laurier. There we made and renewed acquaintances, and dined on a superb meal with our families to the excellent accompaniment of a quartet from the Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces.

I remain somewhat convinced of my unworthiness for such an honor – especially given the group of distinguished civilians and military officers in my ranks – but am ultimately honored and delighted to be associated with the Order. As the son of a WWII Lancaster navigator, being involved with the good works of the Order of St. George is the very least I can give back for the valor and service of both my father, and all of our veterans.

And – as hinted in my April newsletter – the Challenge Coin I now have the privilege of carrying with me is mighty pretty looking!

I include a few photographs from our investiture ceremony and banquet, courtesy of the Order’s official photographer, Richard Lawrence.

For a more extensive look at his gallery of images from the St. George weekend, the following are the related links to his site:

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Ottawa Geek Market Far from the Ordinary!

Sean and a Veteran Storm Trooper

Sean and a Veteran Storm Trooper

The Ottawa Geek Market came to a close this past Sunday afternoon, and with it one of the most unusual experiences of our 2013 trade-show calendar.

Held within the colossal field house at Carleton University, this two-day show featured an eclectic (ok, bizarre) celebration of all things Comics, Super-Hero, Steam-Punk and Sci-Fi.  Indeed, one of the only shows I’ve attended where many of the customers were actually more interesting than the merchandise being offered.

My personal favorites?  Certainly the 8-foot Chewbacca, strolling the floor in huge strides with the occasional Wookie-howl echoing off the domed ceiling. I was also impressed by one of the coolest Storm trooper costumes I’ve seen, with his helmet depicting the wicked after-effects of a blaster-strike (see photo).

Sean at our Ottawa Geek Festival Tables

Sean at our Ottawa Geek Festival Tables

As the only coin dealer in attendance, our main interest in the show (aside from just having some fun) was to debut a number of thematic collectibles that fit in well with the Festival’s primary themes. Thus, in addition to the New Zealand Mint’s Star Wars and Doctor Who coinage, we also promoted the cool and bizarre new “Zombucks” apocalypse coinage, together with a large variety of authentic U.S. One Dollar novelty notes featuring the likenesses of [again] Star Wars and Doctor Who characters, as well as a few key “Walking Dead” characters.

We found the first day of the show (Saturday) well-attended but starved of willing buyers, whereas Sunday’s warm sun seems to have brought out the keen shoppers.

All-in-all a fun weekend (joined much of the time by my sister Shane, on her first visit from the west coast in 3 years!), but now time to concentrate of planning for our impending Montreal Nuphilex, the semi-annual “flagship” event in our show calendar.